Environmental Protection Management

Avaneo Hotels

Environmental protection management at the Avaneo Hotel Marktredwitz

Wastewater treatment

Compliance with local wastewater quality limits:

  • Disposal via municipal wastewater treatment plant
  • Inspection of sewers / inspection chambers
  • Use of oil and grease separators
  • Disposal by special companies (Refood grease disposal)

Water saving measures

  • Practiced variable and guest-specific linen change (Freedrink)
  • Water-saving single-handle mixer taps in all guest areas
  • Flow limiter / air turbulence technology
  • Domestic water heating by fresh water station in cascade
  • Garden irrigation with rainwater (cistern)
  • Constant control and maintenance of water supply lines
  • Towel change on demand (Freedrink – Housekeeping on Demand)
  • Modern washing machine with economy function and quick programs

Water management

  • Regional, audited municipal water supply (KUM Marktredwitz)
  • Environmentally friendly washing
  • Sustainably certified laundry for bed linen and terry towels
  • Automatic and precise dosing of cleaning agents and detergents in coordination with the water hardness level

Waste Management

  • Pure use of deposit bottles, no disposable bottles
  • Use of deposit containers wholesale, limitation of delivery days
  • Avoidance of single-portion packaging where permitted for hygiene reasons
  • Portion packaging in the high convenience sector to avoid food waste
  • Waste separation of paper, glass, plastic, metal, batteries, light bulbs
  • Biological waste and composting
  • Rechargeable batteries where possible
  • Recycling of separated waste
  • Collection and disposal of hazardous waste: e.g. grease, oil, etc.
  • Return of transport packaging
  • Offer of small food portions
  • Composting of garden waste and flower arrangements

Energy saving measures

  • Energy management system with room control (heating, lighting, ventilation)
  • Pure LED energy-saving lamps in use
  • Heat recovery for room ventilation
  • High insulation properties of the building envelope and brine slab
  • Heating system with high efficiency and use of a cogeneration plant powered by bio-gas
  • Automatic reduction of room temperatures according to occupancy
  • Temperature sensor outside/inside, automatic control
  • Optimal supply temperature of the domestic water at 65 degrees Celsius (legionella-free)
  • Daily temperature control of the cooling systems
  • Permanent control of closing seals in cooling systems, acoustic signals in case of open doors
  • Use of motion and presence detectors
  • Use of door closers and automatic doors

Environmental management

  • During construction, special environmental aspects were taken into account (e.g. use of pure materials that are harmless from a building biology point of view, no use of composite materials, cradle to cradle, renewable raw materials, chemical-free building materials, untreated natural woods, natural and paper fiber boards, no soil replacement, etc….).
  • All employees are regularly trained on the subject of environmental protection
  • There are in-house briefings on environmental policy, water-saving measures, energy-saving measures, waste management
  • Participation in environmental and energy-saving seminars
  • Use of soap/shower gel dispensers
  • In-house training measures
  • In-house instructions by third parties (e.g. cleaning agent manufacturers, wholesalers, energy suppliers)

Regular consumption measurements

  • Permanent control/documentation of water consumption
  • Permanent control/documentation of electricity consumption
  • Permanent control/documentation of gas consumption

Environmentally oriented purchasing policy

  • Preference for regional products, products, craftsmen, suppliers.
  • Regular offer of products from organic farming
  • Member of the Solidarity Farming Network Steinpfalz
  • Use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaning agents
  • Use of energy-efficient products
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Use of environmentally friendly office supplies (toner, ink, etc…)
  • Use of “refurbished” hardware instead of new products
  • Repair of almost all equipment instead of scrapping

Environmental protection measures in general

  • Use of biodegradable cleaning agents
  • Use of purely biological pest control agents where necessary
  • Use of environmentally friendly machines and equipment
  • Refraining from the use of de-icing agents/grit
  • Renunciation of the use of artificial fertilizers
  • Refraining from the use of peat/compost soil for soil improvement
  • Support for travel by public transport
  • Provision and information of public transport timetables
  • Provision of guest bicycles
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of the heating system
  • Hydraulic balancing and checking the pressure distribution in the heating system
  • Installation of high-efficiency heating circulating pumps (energy class 1)
  • Preference for regional craftsmen and suppliers
  • No sealing of outdoor facilities and parking lots
  • Ecological outdoor facilities (wild forest, wild meadows, natural gardens, hedgehog sites, breeding grounds)

Environmental Communication

  • Guest information on nature and environmental protection at the hotel and in the surrounding area
  • Support of environmental projects and environmental protection organizations

Ecology and sustainability

Already in the planning phase, topics such as resource conservation, environmental impact of building materials, etc… were considered down to the smallest detail.
Sustainability in the hotel industry and in tourism has become an ongoing issue today. More and more frequently, guests and travelers are asking:

How ecological and sustainable is my trip and my hotel anyway?

The architecture of our hotel should benefit people, the materials for the building should thoroughly meet the requirements of sustainable construction. Consequently, the entire hotel building was constructed in a future-oriented hybrid construction of wood, steel, concrete and glass. Load-bearing elements, which must meet the conditions of fire protection, are made of concrete. Elements that are load-bearing but not subject to special fire protection requirements were made of wood. Components used for internal room partitioning were built in timber frame construction and were clad with natural fiber panels to improve the indoor climate.

In order to meet the new market developments today, innovative products are needed. For Avaneo Hotels, these are created, among other things, from the traditional and proven material of wood. What has already been successfully used in other countries for many years is now to be increasingly introduced here in Germany. Thus wooden web beams and Scandinavian windows were used. These products are particularly characterized by fast handling.

The construction with wooden double web beams allowed a quick implementation. With the use of energy-saving products produced in special manufacturing processes, it is possible to greatly reduce the heat transfer coefficient. This results in enormous savings in heat requirements. In practice, this means the lowest heat losses and lower energy consumption. The walls made of wooden web beams are not only extremely stable, but also warm. By applying the double-T cross-section, the problem of line thermal bridges is practically eliminated.

The windows and doors specially made for Avaneo Hotels meet the highest standards. A decisive advantage is the simplicity of operation. The windows, manufactured according to the Scandinavian model, are made of multi-layered glued wood and were custom-made for us. Both windows and doors convince with perfect thermal insulation and optimized sound and burglary protection.

In order to be able to guarantee our guests the highest possible quality, we have inspected and tested all the manufacturers of the products used and their production on site.

And then, of course, there are the Coco-Mat beds, which are the centerpiece of our accommodation offer.

Our shower faucets and faucets and toilet flushes are all water efficient. For example, in the showers, the water is swirled with air, saving more than a third of water for the same shower result!
Furthermore, an intelligent room control system is used throughout the house to control lighting, ventilation and heat.

Our energy supply: 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} eco-gas for power generation and heat production.

With Avaneo Hotels, we want to support a change in perception and encourage people to think. We want to understand the demands of society, create space for them and fill everyday life with passion.

Through the notice boards that we have placed throughout the building and the action Housekeeping on Demand, our guests already perceive or are reminded again and again.