Sustainability Report

Avaneo Hotel Marktredwitz

January 1st to December 31, 2022

Environmental protection

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Energy consumption

All areas of the hotel were planned so that only a minimum of energy is used and consumed. Thus, all areas are equipped with LED lighting. As far as it makes sense for the operation, we use automatic room control (e.g. sensors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, etc.) in the appropriate places. Our housekeeping can see which room has already been checked out by means of a tablet and can thus immediately check and clean the room. All “lead rooms” are also checked daily independently to prevent unnecessary power consumption. The bathrooms are equipped with intelligent room control and control heating, ventilation and lighting in a very efficient and energy-saving way.

Already during the planning phase, important issues such as energy efficiency of the building as well as heating and ventilation were taken into account in a sustainable way, so that the building itself, through optimized planning, relieves us of many efforts and additional work from the outset.

The entire building is heated by means of concrete / or building component activation. This allows us to get by with a heating period that is limited to the months from mid-November to the end of February. The building component heats up for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening by means of the energy carrier water and releases the heat continuously throughout the day and night. Forced ventilation ensures the appropriate air exchange without heat loss.


Linen and towel change

Display in the room:
Electricity and water saving

By implementing our Housekeeping on Demand service, guests can – for the sake of the environment – decide for themselves if and when they would like a room cleaning and a linen or towel change. We reward the use of this service with one free drink per day per guest at our bar.

In each room there’s a flyer with the philosophy of hedonistic sustainability. Furthermore, there is a display in each room reminding guests to save electricity and water.

Rooms / Guest areas / Staff rooms

Showers, sinks, toilets

All faucets are equipped with flow restriction and air swirl technology.
The toilets are all equipped with water-saving flush.
Kitchen, housekeeping and staff laundry
Detailed instruction for employees on how to use the washer and dryer and how to use the best possible wash programs.

The use of natural fiber boards in the interior provides natural air conditioning of the rooms. Moisture is absorbed and released as needed (evaporative cooling). In conjunction with a sun protection film on the large window areas of the guest rooms, this makes artificial air conditioning of the rooms obsolete.

Ventilation in the building is decentralized through the use of alternating fans with heat recovery.

Average consumption of hotels in DACH
Avaneo Hotel Marktredwitz
per guest per overnight stay: 21 – 36 kWh
per guest per overnight stay: 7,8 kWh
per guest per overnight stay: 75 – 96 kWh
per guest per overnight stay: 18 kWh
per guest per overnight stay: 350 – 430 Liter
per guest per overnight stay: 130 Liter

Waste Management

Waste prevention

In order to avoid waste, we have implemented the following measures in those places where it makes sense – taking into account food waste and legal hygiene regulations:

  • Buying food in bulk packaging
  • Buying food such as fruits, vegetables, meat and fish in reusable containers (boxes, tubs)
  • Not offering coffee creamers, sugar, butter, honey and jam in portion packs
    (can only be implemented with restrictions due to legal pandemic measures)
  • Buying beverages in reusable containers
  • Preparing meals in portions, including the use of efficient and energy-saving high-convenience products
  • Separate waste
  • Disposal of paper only in paper garbage can
  • Disposal of packaging only in yellow garbage cans and have it picked up free of charge
    As far as possible, we have avoided the use of grease.
    Cleaning of the grease separator is now only necessary once a year.
  • No deep fryer, no fried food
  • Disposal of commercial waste is no longer necessary
  • Use of soap and shower gel dispensers
  • Shower gel and soaps as concentrate to avoid unnecessary “transport” of water
  • Cleaning products as concentrate to avoid unnecessary “transport” of water
  • No unnecessary disposable products in the room
    Guest amenities (toothbrushes, razors, slippers etc…) available at the front office

Environmental protection

The building mainly consists of materials made from renewable resources. The facade cladding consists of 70{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} wood waste, which was processed into wood fiber cement boards. This material is also used in the interior, e.g. in the bathrooms. The insulation consists of ecological rock wool, paper fiber boards and a microfiber fleece. All materials were produced using at least 25{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} recycled material and are 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} recyclable. The paper fiber boards are even made of 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} recycled paper. The wooden construction comes from sustainable forestry. All manufacturers of the materials used were inspected by us on site in their factories before the contract was awarded to ensure compliance with the criteria that are important to us.

In addition to the beds, which are made of 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} renewable natural materials, we have also attached importance to absolute sustainability in the porcelain. The porcelain we use is 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} free of lead and cadmium and can thus, like our beds, be 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} recycled without the release of harmful substances. Our natural beds are completely metal free and would even compost.

From the reservation process to check-in and check-out, the entire stay with us can be paperless. The digital guest journey makes it possible.

We counteract a possible food waste by providing breakfast only on order and prior booking. As soon as the legal regulations, which unfortunately still apply due to the pandemic, allow it, we will also refrain from portion packaging at the breakfast offer again.

Wherever possible, we have already relied on the Cradle to Cradle principle during construction. Our parking lot, for example, is made of 100{7c57450e81134b2d0b0c351ac62f5bb6000dd2e7eeccd1db7b0309c02a93da04} recycled asphalt. This in turn meant that we did not have to replace any environmentally harmful soil at the expense of nature. Furthermore, we have no sealed surfaces on our entire property, except for the roof area. Furthermore, in addition to a cistern for garden irrigation, we have our own drainage shaft, which directs the surface water that is not needed directly back into nature.

Unnecessary materials were simply left out of our concept. A ceiling is a ceiling, whether it is clad or not, it remains a ceiling. In our case, this can even heat or cool and has not wasted additional resources uselessly. It is the same with the floors. These are simply sanded and sealed. Here, too, the use of additional materials was dispensed with. A floor is a floor. A wall is a wall etc…. And we have renounced on unnecessary things (bedspreads, bed runners etc…) to protect the environment.

Components that are necessary anyway almost always serve a dual function for us, here are some examples:

  • Supports/columns serve as lighting at the same time
  • Roof as terrace
  • Walls as lamps and air conditioning
  • Ceilings and floors as radiators
  • Window sills as seating
  • Desks as file storage
  • Cooling and freezing units as heating (waste heat: lobby, kitchen, staff room, meeting rooms)
  • In all public areas we do not need heat from the heating system

Environmental pollution

To counteract environmental pollution,

  • we dispense with unnecessary errands
  • we refrain from unnecessary delivery trips to our two wholesalers and limit ourselves to one delivery day per week.
  • we use public transport wherever possible (unfortunately, in rural areas the possibilities are very limited)
  • we form car pools
  • we do not use plastic packaging
  • we have sufficient waste containers on the entire premises
  • we also have a hotel for insects
  • all conference guests receive a square meter of flower meadow
  • we have a natural garden


The standards must be continuously maintained and monitored. In team meetings, we discuss suggestions for changes and improvements, e.g., one idea would be to use soap powder instead of shower gel for guest hygiene. Due to recurring supply shortages, we use adequate and identical cleaning products with the same certification, e.g. Dr. Schnell as a temporary replacement for Hagleitner.


As soon as the regulations regarding the pandemic situation allow it again, we will no longer use disposable packaging. Resumption of regular training in the F&B area by our F&B coach. Keeping new products in focus.

Labor and human rights

  • The goal of one of our team meetings was to educate people on how to deal with refugees and their children. To look closely, to recognize whether the children really belong to the adults in order to prevent possible child abuse.
  • A refresher course in occupational safety, including new work equipment, was also conducted with all team members.
  • Detailed briefings and discussions are held separately on a regular basis, following on from the team meetings with individual employees.


All team members are aware of what causes human tragedies around the world and that these situations are abused by criminal organizations to kidnap and abuse children. Each of us has a watchful eye. Even if we in the countryside are largely spared from these developments, we must be attentive.


  • Every new employee must be trained in this respect.
  • Contractors and suppliers must also be instructed in this regard.

Community support and engagement

  • Thanks to our efforts, goods from local producers have been listed with our wholesaler in the regional bases so that other restaurateurs in the region can also obtain these goods without additional delivery tours. Both our whole grain bread and various types of sausage and meat are now available regionally through our wholesaler.
  • Depending on the season, we receive lettuce, vegetables and fruit via Solidarity Farming, of which we have been a member since November 2021.
  • Due to very low demand from guests, we have currently paused our cooperation with the local cheese distributor.
  • We regularly support the city and regional marketing with free overnight stays for different actions.


Both the local dairy products and the bread and sausage varieties are very well received by our guests, although everything currently has to be offered in portion packs.
Unfortunately, the regional cheese offer was not accepted by the guests.


  • Asking the guests what kind of cheese they prefer in order to ask the local supplier.
  • Submitting fruit and vegetable orders in time for the SoLaWi to plan
  • Holding regular meetings with the members and interested parties of the SoLaWi again.

Guest satisfaction

We currently conduct the guest survey via TripAdvisor, Google and at the affiliated OTAs. With the invoice sent by e-mail, each guest receives the links to the corresponding review sites.
Regarding the possibility to open the Scandinavian windows, stickers have been placed on the windows with instructions.

Google (5)4,34,34,4
TripAdvisor (5)4,84,54,5
HolidayCheck (6)65,55,7 (10)8,68,58,5
Expedia (5)4,54,24,2


The quality rating remains more or less stable in all channels. Expedia has declined, as hardly any more bookings have gone through it. We launched a campaign to promote Expedia. Friendliness of staff and cleanliness were rated 4.8 and 9.2 respectively on all channels.


  • By April 2022, we plan to complete the integration of HotelAppz in order to conduct regular guest-specific surveys with more detailed evaluations.
  • Thinking about how we can communicate the topic of temperature control even better.
  • Collect more guest reviews on Expedia (TravelAds).

Marktredwitz December 2022