Many customers, guests and partners long for innovation. By contributing to our hotel projects you become part of our team. Become a burning ambassador and support us to become independent and free. This is how we manage to implement more projects with your support.

Crowd stands for mass, quantity. Funding stands for collecting funds. Our idea is to collect capital for our independence, so that we can pass on our knowledge, whether consulting or franchising. Through the community we reach further project realizations and all interested parties benefit. Whether we accompany projects or even pass on our concept outside of our own projects in the franchise, results individually from the requirements of each new hotel location.

We reward your support with discounts on our services:

CodeContributionDiscountmax. number of nights*
CF2023R5100,00 EUR5%5
CF2023R15300,00 EUR15%5
CF2023R20400,00 EUR20%5
CF2023R25500,00 EUR25%5
CF2023R30600,00 EUR30%7
CF2023R35700,00 EUR35%7
CF2023R40800,00 EUR40%7
CF2023R501.000,00 EUR50%7
CF2023R551.100,00 EUR55%10
CF2023R601.200,00 EUR60%10
CF2023R651.300,00 EUR65%10
CF2023R701.400,00 EUR70%10
CF2023R751.500,00 EUR75%10
CF2023R801.600,00 EUR80%10
CF2023R851.700,00 EUR85%10
CF2023R901.800,00 EUR90%10
CF2023R951.900,00 EUR95%10
CF2023R1002.000,00 EUR100%10
* in the period of 36 months from the date of deposit