Our Story

Avaneo Hotels stands for

  • careful use of all resources
    environmentally friendly services
    Investments in renewable energies
    environmental protection and nature conservation

Invest in True green spirit!

Here is a short story to show what happens when you implement true and honest sustainability. We think our story is representative for many other "doers" who are not satisfied with "it has always been this way":

Dare to do something, follow your own instincts, don't run with the same-old crowd. To follow one's passion, to show what one can do and to demonstrate that it is possible to do it differently, and to do it well, genuinely and honestly!

To know it works, because we have already for years, first in the quiet chamber, then from conviction loudly and publicly, on a concept have tweaked, which became better and better.

Then the conversion follows, naturally the mainstream to the defiance and with the head wind which can be expected, was yes clear. To hold up the mirror, to see the truth, that hurts:

"You can't do it like that." - "It can't be done that way." - "Why do you do it this way and not like everyone else, the way it should be done?" We could continue the list of what seemingly can't work because it just can't work forever.

Perhaps precisely because we are not like "everyone"? And because we want to do things better out of conviction. But not just better, but simpler, more honest, more understandable, more transparent, in short, more ingenious and smarter.

Of course "naturally", for the guests, for our entire team and last but not least for our environment. No green brainwashing, no false hypocrisy, no lying to ourselves - for the sake of the environment..., no, real and honest sustainability, in the truest sense of the word.

Roll up our sleeves, we get to work, we pull it through, hard and honest!

And then... it had to happen, which actually cannot be explained with logical thinking. The headwind blows strongly because we hold up the mirror. Everyone talks about sustainability and suddenly everything is sustainable. Few people even think about where the word comes from and what it means. "The headwind" could be the title of our books. We could write five, even ten of these, about what happened to us. Nobody would believe it, if we didn't know it ourselves, we wouldn't believe it either.

Well, more than 5 years have passed... and still "the wind blows", however: we learn from the behavior of people and the rapid change of our society. We observe, analyze, question and are quite uncomfortable and inclined to discourse:

But: We are still there! Because after every defeat, a "Now more than ever!" emerged! Because in every hole we fell into or were mostly pushed into, there was still a little ladder that we always climbed back up. And because we know that the thing is good, five years ago was perhaps a little ahead of the time, we continue and keep in mind what history has always taught us.

And, by being right after all, we are now among the TOP 5% of the most sustainable hotels in the world! We are even a little bit proud of that, because we have followed through and not let ourselves be bent: "The crooked tree lives its life, the straight tree becomes a board."

Neither a year of construction delay, nor an opening without finished outdoor facilities, two and a half years of "pandemic", bank and creditor arbitrariness, account seizures, fraudsters, etc... can not stop us from fighting for the good cause and then possibly still "become a board".

Would we do it again?

All three of us grab our heads laughing and crying and say, "Sure, anytime again!"

People have a right to honesty and we give them a piece of it every day - within our modest means. In the form of good, natural sleep, great food, shared conversation and enjoying what we do.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves again and ask for your support!