Stock Investment

Within our US-Corporation we offer you the very popular stock investments of BLOQWERKK INC. With an investment in shares you have decisive advantages compared to an engagement in all other company forms.

A limited liability company, for example, cannot offer lenders or investors an entitlement or security that is so concrete and yet relatively simple due to the lack of shares. Corporation shares are registered shares; they are issued to the owner by name. Since shareholders of corporations in the US state of Florida, where BLOQWERKK INC is headquartered, are not recorded by the commercial register, the anonymity of the shareholders is completely legally guaranteed.

Investment options

  • Investments in corporation shares possible from $50,050 USD (46,410 EUR).
  • Issue price per share: $550 USD | 510 EUR


  • 6.8 % plus surplus participation and
  • 20 % shareholder discount on all services.

For your share request please use the form under this link: