Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer frequently asked questions about our investment offer.

Avaneo Token

As an investor, you can participate in our hotels from as little as 100 euros. You choose exactly the digital shares that suit you.

With the Avaneo token, you can participate in the success of our genuinely and honestly sustainable hotel concept. You benefit from a stable return and an increase in value through the development of further hotels in own or franchise operation.

The Avaneo token uses the Ethereum blockchain and is created as an ERC-20 security token (security token).

By using the blockchain, the investment process is handled completely digitally. This means that no printed paper is required and visits to the notary or bank are no longer necessary.

The investment objects are structured, i.e. visually "broken down" into digital shares, and securitized in the form of investment tokens. You always have an overview of the investment via your dashboard.

The Avaneo token is not an investment like a profit-participating loan or a subordinated loan. The token is classified as a security in the form of a security token.

By purchasing the digital securities, which are structured as tokenized bonds, you receive a claim under the law of obligations. After a successful purchase, the equivalent value of your investment is issued in tokens. Each token represents a securitized ownership claim and digitally confirms your partial ownership.

To ensure that the tokens are stored securely, you have the option of providing each user with a wallet to store the tokens themselves if you do not use your own wallet (similar to a digital safe deposit box for storing your digital shares yourself).

The wallet provided by us is linked to your login to the technical platform. We ourselves are not in possession of your login data, and the private key to the wallet is also stored in encrypted form by an external authorization and authentication provider. Two-factor authentication is used for your email address and every transaction is approved via your mobile phone number using the 2FA process.

Yes, you can use any soft or hardware wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard.

The terms coins and tokens are often mixed up and not used in a standardized definition in the crypto sector. There is also the opinion that anything that represents a value in a blockchain ecosystem and can change hands can be described as a token. In this sense, Bitcoin would also be a token.

However, the most common distinction is that a coin is a cryptocurrency that uses its own platform (blockchain), while a token is based on an existing protocol. A coin can therefore exist independently of a token, but a token can never exist without the technical basis of a coin.

The most popular example is Ethereum, which is particularly suitable as a carrier for tokens; the network is the basis for its own coin ETH, but also serves as a blockchain for a number of tokens. Ethereum is particularly suitable because the protocol supports smart contracts.

A security token represents a securitized share in a company that issues the token via a smart contract. In traditional securities law, a security token could be compared to a bearer security. Similar to a share, the value correlates directly with the value of the company that issued the token. Security tokens are not only comparable to securities in principle, they are also subject to regulation by the authorities.

A smart contract is a self-executing "when-then" rule. In mathematical terms, these rules describe the purpose of a new token. If a smart contract is implemented on a blockchain, these conditions are automated and are under the constant "control" of the distributed ledger. ERC-20 is the most popular standard format for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

With the Avaneo token, we do not provide pure and exclusive project financing, but rather portfolio financing via digital shares, some of which are invested in new projects (expansions) (value growth).

With crowdfunding, the crowd becomes part of the team and participates in the success of the company or project and receives corresponding discounts on the respective services, depending on the amount of the funding contribution.

How many tokens you have acquired and under what conditions is recorded on the blockchain in a tamper-proof manner. With crowdfunding, you receive discount vouchers to redeem the discounts on the services.


The smallest amount is a contribution of 100 euros, for which there is already a 5% discount on five nights in a period of 36 months from deposit.

The idea behind crowdfunding is quite simple: many people (crowd) jointly finance (fund) a project or an entrepreneurial venture. What the crowd receives in return for the money depends on the crowdfunding model chosen.

In classic crowdfunding, the crowd receives something in return in the form of a discount or certain preferential services, for example, or sometimes it is also a form of pre-sale. In donation-based crowdfunding, you donate money without receiving anything in return.

When registering, you only need to provide your surname, first name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address and a phone number. The amount can then simply be transferred via QR code or link.


Shares of stock represent a mathematically precisely defined share in our corporation. In return, we issue a written share certificate, which serves as proof of ownership. With a share purchase you acquire a part of the company. At shareholders' meetings, you have one vote per share. The effect of your vote depends on how many shares there are in total and how many of them you own.

Shares in a U.S. corporation are usually registered shares. This means that the shares are issued to the various shareholders by name. However, the registered office of our U.S. corporation is located in a state where the anonymity of the owners is protected by law.